EDTap is a vibrant startup on the smart home
sector using the latest technologies to produce
affordable and easy-to-install smart home devices for anyone’s place.


About edtap

We incorporate a twist on our system, while your whole room or house is interconnected through our devices, you can now communicate with it just using our personalised EDTags.

EDTags are small stickers, with a last-gen chip as thin as paper on the inside, that allows you to communicate with any smart home device instantly by taping the sticker with your locked phone.

You no longer need to struggle speaking to a speaker on the room next door or unlocking your phone to access the app that controls your house. Now you have the power, place our stickers anywhere you want in the room or house and a simple tap will activate any action you want.


Our products



40mm in diameter | Protection (hits and water) | Variety of colours available

These are the EDTap chips, which require no energy input. These small chips can be stuck to almost any surface you can think of so, they can easily adapt to any of your needs.



RGBW+WW | 9w -low energy consumption- | 850 Lumens | 15000 working-hours

This is not another light bulb. EDBulb does not heat up and is capable of resisting hits and falls, it generates more than 850 lm (lumens) and will light your room up for over 15000 hours without losing a bit of quality.



RGBW+WW | 60 LED/m 5050 | P65 protection | 2.5 / 5 / 7.5 / 10m available

Made with a recover of silicon, waterproof and vacuum sealed to guarantee a P65 protection, an uncommon feature for any LED strip on the market. You can adjust them to any size you need, shape them in almost any form you like and adhere it to any surface thanks to its adhesive back.



FHD 1920x1080 | Live retransmission | Digital zoom | Horizontal tracking up to 355º

EDCam counts with an automatic motion sensor tracking that allows full view of the room. The bidirectional audio system lets you talk with anyone back home or at the office from your phone in real time while you look at them. The discrete night vision capabilities of our EDCam will keep you safe at any time.


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